INTRODUCING: A Masterclass in the art and strategy of high performance

Win Infinitely would like to invite you to

100 Days to Gold

A Masterclass in
the Art and Strategy of High Performance!

Are you… 

Building a business? Repairing a relationship? Overcoming addiction? Recovering your health? Preparing for competition?

Are you ready to move from Great Idea to Great Achievement?

In our Master Class
100 Days to Gold
You will discover how to drive forward from your Inspiration to Dedication

so that you can and will attain that ultimate achievement and WIN that GOLD!

We all have amazing flashes of brilliance: those moments when we absolutely KNOW that we should do something.

But often, the thought is immediately defeated by our past experiences and mindset!

In this course, covering 14 weeks and more than 60 hours of training, consulting, and practice, you will learn the exact process (it isn’t really a secret!) that you need to follow each and every time you want to accomplish something great!

To get the knowledge, training, and results on your own, you’d spend $30,000 and more, but for a short time, we are giving more than 90% off that price.

Whether your great idea is building a business, repairing a relationship, overcoming addiction, or recovering your health, the process is the same. All great achievement has the same core concepts!

In this Master Class, you will learn those concepts, practice the use, and master the art of each of these skills.

1.     Values-based decision making

2.     The action habit of the 7 Daily Builds

3.     Understanding your Personal Natural Resources

4.     Executing Successful Strategies

5.     Developing action plans

6.     Building the right TEAM

7.     Overcoming Negativity

8.     Effectively dealing with your Bucket of No’s

9.     Living Your Strengths

10.  Conquering Hecticity

11.  The Power of Positive Influence

PLUS – workshops, exercises, and guided practice for each lesson.

  • Breakout concentration sessions for Business, Health Improvement, Competition, and Relationships

  • Weekly Q&A

  • Access to the full Library of Win Infinitely education and training content

  • 3 1-on-1 coaching sessions to review your progress

  • Money Back Guarantee. Conditions Apply*

Over more than 30 years of consulting and coaching, and in my own personal life, I’ve learned that failure really comes from 3 main challenges:

1.     Mis-alignment between actions and values

2.     Unclear definition for the path needed to be taken.

3.     Overcoming a negative mindset.

Each of these challenges can be systematically defeated!

In 100 Days to Gold,

we attack each of these in succession and deliver the skills and training to succeed where others fail.

The course has live sessions weekly, with Q&As and replays available immediately afterwards. This Masterclass is broken down into 3 sections:

1.     Establishing your foundation and believing you CAN and SHOULD succeed.

2.     Building your action plan and preparing for high performance.

3.     Completing your plan and constructing habits for future top performance! And our coaches and consultants are with you every step of the way!

This year’s course includes these amazing benefits, valued at more than $30,000!:

  • 12 training sessions delivering solid, actionable content

  • Live Q&A following each live session

  • Weekly emails with additional content and suggested reading

  • Revenue stream evaluation and planning (because we want you to be successful long-term, no matter your goals!)

All yours for an investment of $2497, if you register today.

There's more:

Now that you are ready to learn these skills and put into practice the principles taught here, you can also take advantage of some special inclusions in our Elite Acceleration program.

The Elite Acceleration program is designed for those that are fully committed to growing and succeeding quickly and consistently, not just once, but over and over again, by deeply mastering all of the principles included in the course as well as their own personal growth and development!

The Elite Acceleration Program includes:

  • Intense virtual event format for the fist 8 lessons delivered over 3 days instead of weekly – to really get a jump on your new direction and enthusiasm!

  • Full Review and Evaluation of your course deliverables.

    • Values Matrix

    • Execution Strategy

    • Action Plan

    • Team Composition

  • Three (3) Bonus training sessions with included personalized coaching sessions:

    • PNR Development

    • Accountability Mindset

    • Reseting your Crisis Baseline

  • Small Focus group discussions of relevant topics and reading studies.

  • Access to one of our coaches to participate as a member of your success TEAM.

  • 5 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Normally this level of specific and in-depth coaching would cost in excess of $4500. But if you upgrade to the Elite option in our 100 Days to Gold Program, it is yours for only an additional $499

That’s right! You can get nearly $35,000 of coaching, training, and individualized support inside our Elite program for only $2996.

Your order is 100% Secured

To qualify for the Money Back Guarantee, you must attend each session (live on on-demand), complete each weekly guided exercise, attend 25% of the Q&A sessions available, and complete each of the 1-on-1 coaching sessions available, including any actions, adjustments, or improvements suggested agreed to during the sessions. This is a good faith agreement, and you will be required to sign a document committing yourself to these conditions.

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Elite Accelerator Program $499 The Elite program is designed for those that are fully committed to growing and succeeding quickly and consistently, not just once, but over and over again, by deeply mastering all of the principles included in the course as well as their own personal growth and development!

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